Rīgas Viļņi

The publishing house "Rīgas Viļņi" has been working in Latvia for 18 years and started its activities in the Baltic States with success previously unexperienced in the field. Keeping up with the pace of modern life, issues are available not only in printed, but also digital format on the Internet and in the world's largest mobile application stores – “App Store” and “Google Play”.  

Altogether, 18 magazines and 3 newspapers are being issued, as well as 2 news websites available: “Rīgas Viļņi”, “Patiesā Dzīve”, “100 Labi Padomi”, “Kas Jauns”, “Kas Jauns Avīze”, “Sīrups”, “Sīrups Girl”, “OK!”, “Pastaiga”, “Pastaiga.ru”, “Tautas Veselības Avīze”, “Laimīgā Programma”, “Otkrito”, “Mīklas”, “Sīrups Testi&Mīklas”, “Ko Ārsti Tev Nestāsta”, “Ko Gydytojai Tau Nepasako”, “Mida Arstid Sulle Ei Raagi”, www.kasjauns.lv, www.otkrito.lv. In addition, various special thematic issues of these magazines are being printed.

phone: 67842571

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