Nevsky Hotel Group

Located exclusively in the centre of St. Petersburg, Nevsky Hotels offer the most complete range of accommodation in the city – from simple and comfortable rooms for an economical night’s sleep, to suites for those who like a whirlpool bath and extra space.       

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Collect PINS

For each stay 500 PINS

Terms and conditions 

PINS cannot be received for bookings made via third parties, or when using benefits provided by other loyalty or discount programs.

“Qualifying Hotel Stay” means a stay of one or more consecutive nights at any Nevsky Hotel by a member, regardless of the number of times the member checks in or checks out during that stay.

Crediting the PINS & claiming missing PINS

After the transaction at this partner the PINS will be credited to your account within: 7 days

If you notice that some PINS you have received are missing, please contact PINS Member Service.

If you have had a transaction at this partner and forgot to show your PINS card, you can claim your missing PINS by contacting our Member Service. You will have to provide a copy of your purchase check, reservation or invoice for us to verify the transaction. To be eligible for claiming missing PINS you need to be a PINS member on the date of the transaction.

The time after the transaction you can claim your missing PINS at this partner: 6 months