Bocca Buona

The internationally acclaimed contemporary concept of Bocca Buona brings guests on a journey through a true Italian experience of warm atmosphere and heartfelt food in a modern setting.

Just minutes away from Kalnciema Quarter, Bocca Buona tells an authentic and exciting story about Italy. The cuisine, fresh ingredients and the welcoming environment form an all-encompassing experience. A great part of it is the taking down of barriers between guests and the service, therefore the open kitchen and open bar gives visitors a chance to see their delicious pizza cooked in front of their eyes or help themselves from an antipasti buffet. Friendly encounters are encouraged at the communal tables throughout the day – having a colourful breakfast; casual business lunch or a dessert accompanied by a cup of classic Italian coffee or selected wine. Furthermore, the doors of Bocca Buona are open for a relaxing family brunch every Sunday.

Address: Krogus iela 1, LV-1048, Rīga

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