Best dishes of Latvian cuisine prepared according to the old-time recipes

Imagine for a moment – all around you are endless green fields of the countryside, sonorous pine forests, clear blue rivers and lakes, and in the very middle of this nature is proudly standing a solid steading – a place where several generations have been cooking the most incredible Latvian traditional dishes according to the old-time recipes. This is exactly the type of atmosphere “Province” is inviting its guests to enjoy.

Peculiarities of the national cuisine

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and treats. It is almost like visiting a nurturing Latvian grandma!

The regular customers of “Province” say that this place always offers very delicious food. Especially appreciated amongst local gourmets are the dishes included in Latvian national cultural heritage list:

  • Traditional sour cabbage soup with pork meat;
  • Latvian gray peas with smoked bacon;
  • For the dessert – sweet rye bread soup.

The restaurant is furnished in natural, soft-tone colors, allowing to fully relaxing and enjoying the flow of the peaceful Latvian province life. Additionally, the woodwork and accessories for the interior are handmade by Latvian craftsmen. 

Open the door to the Latvian Province!

Important to note
Restaurant “Province” is operating in Riga since the year 2000, meaning that we have experience in serving the clients of more than 15 years. The place is popular amongst local gourmets, as well as preferred amongst guests of the city. It is also important that many of the employees of the restaurant have been working here since the very opening, providing the clients with great service and food of the highest quality standards. 

Address: Kaļķu 2, Rīga

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