B bar

B-bar restaurant was opened in 2004, and is located in the very heart of the Riga historical center, right next to Riga Cathedral. Sitting down by the bar window, you will see the Cathedral’s ancient brick walls, which seem close enough to touch, and you will be unwillingly drawn to their ancient charm. But that is not all - since it was opened, the bar has been attracting the attention and interest of visitors with its original interior, which is a mix of styles from the beginning of the 20th century and modern times, as well as its excellent choice of cocktails and meals. B-bar restaurant’s live music nights and thematic monthly events have also gained popularity and genuine recognition. Their creative and metropolitan mood allures not only the golden youth of Riga and popular actors and musicians, but also anyone who enjoys spending their free time in a truly attractive and interesting atmosphere. B-bar restaurant has thought of the children as well - there is a playroom for the little visitors.

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